Christian Voigt

Christian Voigt
9 September 2013 - 1 November 2013

......... so what we see is an unreal reality!

Salsali Private Museum (SPM) is pleased to present the solo show of Christian Voigt Photography. Following his participation in the Group show of SPM in 2012, this solo show will showcase highlights from Christian Voigt's most recent journeys through Vietnam, Laos and the U.A.E.

Christian Voigt born in Munich in 1961 and lives in Germany and France.

As the son of a publishing dynasty and collectors of vintage photography, Christian Voigt worked for nearly twenty years in his own publishing house. To follow his passion for Photography, he left the publishing business and established CV COLLECTION in Hamburg

Christian Voigt works with large-format digital cameras. He experiments with new camera techniques and makes the best use of the digital medium. In the museum edition, his large-format pictures can measure as much as eight meters in width.

The Vernissage will be on the 09.09.2013 at 19:00.
Between dream and reality - the hallucinatory photography of Christian Voigt –

Essay by Simone Simon, art historian and publicist. ‘I’m a story-teller’

‘My criterion for a successful photo is a lovely, true story’

His amazing imagery quickly helped the photo artist Christian Voigt (born in Munich in 1961) to make a name for himself.

His first exhibition 2009 in St. Tropez, Chateau St. Amé, was followed by international exhibitions at short intervals.
His oeuvre developed into an impressive series of photographs that he took on his many journeys.

It is not possible to quickly walk past Christian Voigt’s images. They are eye- catchers of overwhelming dimensions with almost artificial, intensive colours and lively images. Anything and everything that exists under the sun and touches the

photographer can be a subject. What we see are cities, nature, people and cultural sights that, although they are identifiable, also have a certain level of alienation. The scenes appear to have been edited, dyed, staged.

However, the opposite is in fact the case. Christian Voigt captures what he sees, based directly on real life.

Following in the tradition of early landscape photography, he spends hours, sometimes days, hiking through the jungle, across the desert or in the mountains to find the ultimate image. His criterion for a successful photo is a lovely, true story. And if there is no story, there can be no image – no matter how technically perfect it might be.

The reality of his photographic pictures is shaken by the apparently “unnatural” combination of soft coloured pencils, neon colours and a vast imagery that is quite literally created by placing layer upon layer. The photos are never staged; no script is provided in advance. The unpolished reality that he captures with his camera is the starting point. This is the kind of realism that Christian Voigt loves. He emphasises this beauty by later implementing the picture with his camera without violating the reality. And so what we see is an unreal reality. It is the result of an inner search for meaning that the photographer experiences as pure and natural. His intuitive method allows him to play an exciting game with time and form. His photographs of exotic nature and cosmopolitan cities look like surreal stage sets. As if they had been painted with a camera.

The pictures are recognisable and inviting. They evoke a yearning in us for something or someone.

Exhibitions of Christian Voigt: 2009

St. Tropez, Chateau St. Amé, exhibition (with Chayan Khoi) / August 27 - 31


New York, Opera Gallery, group show / April 15 - May 5 St. Tropez, Barbara de Palma Gallery / April - September Hamburg, Stadtpalais / December 16 - January 10


Los Angeles, Manny Silverman Gallery - Karl Hutter Fine Art / 3. April - 1. May St. Tropez, Barbara de Palma Gallery / Juli – October
New York, AAF / September 21 – 25
Den Haag, Arti 11 / October 5 – 9

Arnhem, Wanrooij Gallery / October
Hamburg, Gallery Milchstraße, solo exhibition / October - December


Amsterdam, Realisme 12 / January 19 – 22 Brussels, AAF / February 9 – 12
London, group show / March 14 – 18 Basel, Scope / June 13 – 17

St. Tropez, Barbara de Palma Gallery solo exhibition / April – October

Amsterdam, AAF / October 24 – 28
Miami, Scope / November 4 – 9
Amsterdam, Lxry Masters Amsterdam / December 6 - 10
Hamburg, solo exhibition „Visions of Infinity“, Hamburg Art Week / December 2012 - February 2013


London, London Art Fair / January 16 - 20
Amsterdam, Realisme 13 / January 17 – 20
Rotterdam, Art at the Warehouse / February 5 – 10
St. Tropez, Barbara de Palma Gallery, solo exhibition / January – December Utrecht, art 13 / April 21 – 28

Basel, Scope / June 10 – 16
Dubai, Retrospective, Salsali Private Museum / September – October London, Strata Art Fair, Saatchi / October 9 – 13
Amsterdam, solo exhibition / October
New York, solo exhibition / November
Miami, Scope / December
Miami, solo exhibition / December


London, Art Fair / January 16 – 20

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